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04 Mar 2014, 23:17
Brandon jager (2 posts)

Sorry im little new to java, but on the little piece of code for th game class on page 80, int diff = getIntent ().getIntExtra (KEY_DIFFICULTY, DIFFICULTY_EASY).. shouldn’t it be (KEY_DIFFICULTY, i)?

05 Mar 2014, 14:30
Anthony Shaw (138 posts)

The simple answer is ‘No the code is correct as is’.

I think I can see why you think it should be (KEY_DIFFICULTY, i), it’s because the call to ‘putExtra(Game.KEY_DIFFICULTY, i)’ a couple of pages before.

What you need to remember is putExtra is storing a name/value pair (KEY_DIFFICULTY is the name, the value is whatever is in variable i) whereas getIntExtra gets a value associated with a name or a default value if the name does not exist. In the case above DIFFICULTY_EASY is the default value to supply if there is no name/value for KEY_DIFFICULTY.

06 Mar 2014, 05:19
Brandon jager (2 posts)

Wasnt aware getIntExtra () could hold a default value parameter, thx. Also, otherwise i was thinking int diff = getIntent ().getIntExtra (KEY_DIFFICULTY, i) if (diff != null) diff = 0;

Being DIFFICULTY_EASY value is 0...sorry trying to be resourceful in learning ;)