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22 Apr 2014, 21:19
Robert England (3 posts)

Below, another person is trying to figure out how the Hello World program can output text that it was Never Told To Output, and someone tells him he needs to ‘unlock his emulator device’ So if I do this my Hello Android program will suddenly start outputting text I did not enter into it? IS it like a million monkeys on a typewriter and random or will it make sense? What does outputting text without programming it have to do with programming? Where are the Programming Steps in this book, so far its all installing many many different programs, then a black screen for eternity. THIS COULD NOT MAKE LESS SENSE>

23 Apr 2014, 17:44
Anthony Shaw (138 posts)

Hi Robert

It sounds like you are getting very fustrated and fighting the learning experience at every turn.

Yes, the book is very out of date. My copy is a couple of years old and Android and the Eclipse development environment have moved on a great deal since the book was published.

I would be willing to help get you over the first bit of the learning curve if you want me to. I Would need to know a little bit about your background, ie what programming languages you know, at what level, etc. But the main thing you will have to get past is going into flames about how difficult you are finding it, if it was easy everyone would be doing it :-)

Anyway if you want some help let me know and maybe we could exchange email addresses.

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