31 Oct 2011, 17:15

Arnd R.Strube (88 posts)

Hi all,

I was wondering who else has undertaken to make improvements to the original Sudoku game, and what they were. So far, what I have done, is this:

  • Selection is saved always, e.g. Continue and Exit.
  • Settings can be changed from Game screen
  • Locking the original numbers
  • A setting to switch on or off locking (default on)

Another thing I was thinking of adding was a “Sudoku Generator” of sorts, that is, the capibility to generate new games on each level.

Anyone who would like to discuss these improvements & ways to implement them would be appreciated. For example, I use an additional array called “locked”, that I fill with the original puzzle string. Later in the game, I just have a method isTileLocked(x,y) return true if the corresponding value is non-zero. This is of course saved like the puzzle array.

A. Robert

12 Nov 2011, 18:02

Ed Burnette (1329 posts)

Try these posts:

  • http://forums.pragprog.com/forums/152/topics/8422
  • http://forums.pragprog.com/forums/152/topics/8602
  • http://forums.pragprog.com/forums/152/topics/9745
18 Nov 2011, 19:24

Arnd R.Strube (88 posts)

That’s great - I will take a good look at these. Really interesting stuff…..

A. Robert

04 Dec 2011, 19:51

lou hattie (1 post)

Well I love to solve sudoku, and the more they change it the better, I think

14 Mar 2013, 15:01

haiderali mehboob lakhani (2 posts)

Robert,Can you mail me or post the improvements you made on the sudoku example? if its okay with you…. Highly appreciated

15 Mar 2013, 08:43

Arnd R.Strube (88 posts)

I haven’t looked at it for months now, because I didn’t have much of a chance to work with Android since 2011. I just discovered Sudoku isn’t even installed on my phone anymore.

If you are patient, I’ll see what I can do. I can’t even remember exactly what improvements I made, but I did like the result ;-).


P.S. Could you kindly remove your other post in TDD for Embedded C. Although it did help to catch my attention, it’s rather confusing in the other thread. Thanks.

15 Mar 2013, 16:54

haiderali mehboob lakhani (2 posts)

if you find the appropriate material you can mail me at lakhani.haider@gmail.com or post it here whichever you are comfortable with …… Thanks in advance

P.S Highly appreciated your prompt response

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