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16 Nov 2012, 01:11
Jesse Adelman (1 post)

I’m all for free speech, and like PragProg’s Ruby books I’ve bought. I gotta comment on something I may disagree with them doing here.

Why must PragProg publish a guide to Outsourcing? Does outsourcing need more fans or more help? Why help moving technical jobs to locations where labor and workplace safety laws are lax?

It just seems to be in a different contextual frame from most of the other books that PragProg publishes; a little meaner, a little more greedy.

Respectfully, Jesse Adelman Brisbane, CA

23 Nov 2012, 20:42
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

It seems to me that outsourcing exists. As with manufacturing, services, and raw materials, in a free-market economy, it happens naturally. And economists would argue that this movement helps create efficiency, moving us domestically up the value chain.

So, given that it is here to stay, it seems to me that, as responsible developers, we should try to both evaluate whether it is best for our customers/companies and, if so, we should find ways of doing it well.

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