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09 Jan 2012, 15:26
Mary L. Fitzgerald (1 post)


can anyone tell me how to use cucumber with a java web application? Not alot of information out there.


PS I will not be using cuke4duke

20 Jan 2012, 13:00
Matt Wynne (91 posts)

There are some pointers in the appendix of the book. You need to look at

29 Aug 2012, 00:58
Bob Allen (2 posts)

I’ve heard from a number of folks that recommend using the Ruby version of Cucumber so that they can take advantage of all the great suport gems (e.g. FactoryGirl, Capybara, etc.) but still retain the ability to access Java methods from Ruby methods.

Can you offer some pros/cons for going one way or the other, hopefully something beyond “If you are already comfortable in Java…”?

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