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09 Jan 2013, 17:13
Heather Poole (5 posts)


Just finishing up for the day on Chapter 8 hooks and then just starting Chap 8.5. The example code support_code/14/features/support/debugging.rb is where i hit a snag.

I had written the code into the new file and it didnt work telling me i needed a version of launchy. Now being at the end of the day and not coming across this specific error message i hadnt quite twigged what could be causing this and after double checking what i had written against your examples i was a bit stumped.

However remember a previous example of where sinatra was used i finally though aha

@require ‘launchy’@

would be needed, it then worked :3 (Being a pure manual test analyst for a while i havent coded for about 5 years so i am quite gleeful when i figure something out no matter how small!)

However it feels that this bit of code has either been missed off the example or assumed that the reader would automatically put the required code in and could cause confusions like mine.



10 Jan 2013, 10:07
Matt Wynne (91 posts)

Thanks for the comment Heather. I think you’re very brave to have got so far through the worked example if you haven’t coded in a while.

Would you mind filing an erratum about this, so we remember to change it in a future edition of the book?

10 Jan 2013, 10:41
Heather Poole (5 posts)

Erratum has been submitted.

I there there are multiple reasons why i think i have managed to get so far, one the book well paced, doesnt overload me and i find the exercises well done.

I did have an issue and it took me a while with the big rewrite in chapter 7, i find i like to keep examples of code around to remind me on how to do something.

Another one is the language that cucumber uses and ruby itself, i find Ruby is quite easy to understand as I seem to be able to read through and of course with loads of other literature out there I have been slowly building an understanding of it.

However i dont see myself writing anything useful anytime soon but this is allowing me to be more integrated into the Scrum team we have put together for the first time at work :).