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22 Sep 2013, 21:10
Henk Visser (1 post)


I’m working through the excercises of chapter 10 (‘Databases’). I’m working on a windows (7) machine, so I use ‘childprocess’ in order to start a process (instead of ‘service_manager’) in the support/services.rb file.

Pretty soon in chapter 10 you have extend the Account class from the ActiveRecord class. As soon as I do that, however, the process in the support/services.rb file suddenly doesn’t start anymore. The process is defined in the ‘lib/transaction_process.rb’ file.

If I only declare ‘require ‘active_record’’ in the account.rb file, then the aforementioned process doesn’t start anymore. So, perhaps there is some conflict between ‘childprocess’ and ‘active_record’.

Does anybody have a clou, about what could be and solve the problem?

Thanks and kind regards,