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08 Oct 2016, 15:40
Russell Driver (1 post)


Chapter 7 - Sketching Out the Domain Model - on the below code, I get an error, Where as in the book it doesn’t give this error. I have ruby fully installed and cucumber. Any advice please? Error below with code:

Error: “ undefined method `eq’ for # (NoMethodError) "

Code: Given /^I have deposited $(\d+) in my account$/ do |amount| my_account = my_account.deposit(amount.to_i) my_account.balance.should eq(amount.to_i), “Expected the balance to be #{amount} but it was #{my_account.balance}” end

28 Oct 2016, 18:53
Matt Wynne (91 posts)

Hi Russel,

It looks like you don’t have the rspec gem installed. Can you check the way you followed the installation instructions for gems?