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03 Aug 2011, 15:34
Patricia Coronel (1 post)

Hi! :-)

Are you considering to include a chapter related to Cucumber integrated with other tools? I have been using Cucumber with Specflow and Watir and I really completed a very good work automating the steps. It was really easy and in a short time. Another thing I would like to see in the book is how Cucumber can interact with a Database. Thanks! Regards,

Patricia Coronel

16 Aug 2011, 11:38
Matt Wynne (91 posts)

Hi Patricia, thanks for your feedback!

Most of the recipes in ‘Practical Cucumber’ describe using Cucumber with other tools. We’re just about to release a chapter describing how to use Cucumber with Capybara which is what we consider to be the best browser automation library for Ruby. We may also add a section on Watir to this chapter for comparison, as we know a lot of teams are using Watir too.

I don’t think we’re going to talk about SpecFlow in the book, although some people have asked for a chapter on the general ‘lay of the land’ for writing tests in other languages like C# and Java. The trouble is, things are changing quite rapidly in that area at the moment, and we don’t want to write information that will be out of date too quickly.

As for interacting with a database, what are you looking for exactly? Can you give us an example of a task you’d like help with?

03 Nov 2011, 23:13
Chuck van der Linden (11 posts)

I’d like to see a bit about watir also.. Personally I find the capybara api a bit too high level and in the example code I’ve seen it’s not clear how it goes about knowing what attribute to match to the idenfitier given, or how you would do things like click the ‘buy’ link in column 5 on the same row as “the cucumber book” (which I can do very easily and with readable code in Watir) but I guess I can see your viewpoint especially if you’ve become very familiar with the other tool. (of course one wonders what would have happened if watir-webdriver had been around at the time Capybara was created, but I digress)

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