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30 Aug 2011, 14:25
Simon Curry (1 post)

Hi, really useful book so far. The way i’m using it is as follows:

I’m translating the python code in the book “Programming the Semantic Web” into ruby as a way of learning more about Ruby and mostly the Semantic Web stuff.

I decided to use your book and Cucumber to drive out the code. It has been a really useful process and I have found that most of the time, as I need a bit more advanced stuff in cucumber, your book provided it. When it came to tables however, I hit a wall as there is not an example of how to deal with the tables in the step definitions. I got past it by going to one of Ryan Bate’s railscasts , but I think you need to flesh out the tutorial part of the book to help people like me.

The other thing i’d like more guidance on is how to deal with actions that return arrays or hashes of results. I suspect that your advanced chapters might contains this stuff or it may be I need to go to the rspec book instead? I was hoping to be able to provide a table of results to be compared as well as a table to set up the scenarios.

Anyway, as I said, great book that has really helped me out. Keep it coming!


04 Sep 2011, 20:05
Matt Wynne (91 posts)

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your thoughts. I’m sorry about the tables, we know they’re missing and we do intend to squeeze them in somewhere. We just haven’t found a good place to introduce them yet, and we’ve been busy getting the remaining chapters out for the beta. It’s definitely something we’ll come back to, and yes it will tell you how to do diffs with tables against arrays or hashes of results.

From your perspective, where would it make sense to introduce tables? Should we extend the ATM worked example so that it uses tables somehow?

Thanks again for the feedback, Matt

10 Nov 2011, 22:32
Chuck van der Linden (11 posts)

a transaction history or ‘account history’ type feature might work with regard to the ATM.. that’s a reasonable function that would have output in a table format

10 Nov 2011, 22:39
Matt Wynne (91 posts)

Thanks Chuck. It’s there now, we put it into 5.2 in Expressive Scenarios.

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