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03 Jun 2011, 22:44
Michael Edmondson (1 post)

I’m trying to wrap my head around the optional parentheses.

from PDF page 60-63

new Tribble if @isAlive
tribble1 = new Tribble
showArea new Square(2)
throw new Error('Invalid starship captain')

Just curious if there was a convention to follow, as it appears that you wrap constructor params with parens.

I tested (successfully) the following:

showArea new Circle 4
throw new Error 'showArea requires a Shape instance!'

…but is this frowned upon?

You seem to be consistent in wrapping constructor params in parens; whereas, if no params are passed, sometimes you have parens (e.g., @new Raven()@) and sometimes not.

04 Jun 2011, 00:54
Trevor Burnham (53 posts)

Right. So, this is a personal stylistic preference of mine; I just think that

showArea new Circle 4

reads less clearly than

showArea new Circle(4)

or perhaps

showArea(new Circle 4)

Otherwise, the division between @showArea@ (a function) and @new Circle(4)@ (an object) just doesn’t seem as clear to me as it could be.

Some CoffeeScripters are of the school of thought that parens, curly braces, etc. should be omitted whenever possible. I think that while implicit parens and curly braces are generally great, a dash of extra punctuation can make code a lot more readable. (Also, code that relies on too much implicit punctuation is more likely to be broken from one CoffeeScript version to another as the parser is tweaked.)

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