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17 Jun 2011, 23:22
Peter Aronoff (3 posts)

I’m a bit confused about the example on page 44 concerning @/this in a global context.

The book has this:

setName 'Lulu' 
console.log name	# 'Lulu' 
console.log @name	# undefined

But I can’t reproduce that (node 0.4.8, coffeescript 1.1.1)

coffee> setName = (name) -> @name = name
coffee> setName 'Lulu'
coffee> console.log name
ReferenceError: name is not defined
    at repl:2:1
    at Object.eval (/Users/telemachus/local/node-v0.4.8/lib/node_modules/coffee-script/lib/coffee-script.js:89:15)
    at Interface.<anonymous> (/Users/telemachus/local/node-v0.4.8/lib/node_modules/coffee-script/lib/repl.js:39:28)
    at Interface.emit (events.js:64:17)
    at Interface._onLine (readline.js:153:10)
    at Interface._line (readline.js:408:8)
    at Interface._ttyWrite (readline.js:585:14)
    at ReadStream.<anonymous> (readline.js:73:12)
    at ReadStream.emit (events.js:81:20)
    at ReadStream._emitKey (tty_posix.js:307:10)

coffee> console.log(@name)

Edit apologies - I see that the problem appears only in coffee’s repl. If I run the code from a file, all is fine. Presumably the repl lacks a global object (or doesn’t do any assignments in a global context?) Still it might be worth mentioning or clarifying for people who run some of the code in the repl as they read (which I’ve been doing).

18 Jun 2011, 00:33
Trevor Burnham (54 posts)

Wow, I think you actually just stumbled onto a weird bug in the CoffeeScript REPL. Thanks! I’ve reported the issue here:

18 Jun 2011, 12:59
Peter Aronoff (3 posts)

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, I think I’m now more confused than before.

When using the exact code from the book, I get three sets of different results, depending on how I do things. (I’m going to copy my and setName.js files below, but they should be identical to the ones you provide.)

If I use the Cofeescript REPL, it blows up. This is a bug, so ok.

# If I use the Node REPL, I get ‘Lulu’ for both @console.log(name)@ and @console.log( # If I run the coffee file through the @coffee@ interpreter or the js file that the coffeescript compiles down to through the @node@ interpreter, then I get ‘Lulu’, ‘undefined’ (as you say in the book).

Thinking this over, I no longer understand any of it. :) Why should it ever produce ‘Lulu’, ‘undefined’ rather than ‘Lulu’, ‘Lulu’? If I’m in the global context, isn’t @name@ just an implicit way of saying Second, why does the Node REPL also produce different results than running the script on the command line via the Node interpreter? I apologize if I’m being dense, but this has me boggled.

Anyhow, here’s the exact code I’m working with, so you can check my results. It’s your ‘’ file, but I removed everything except the global example.

setName = (name) -> @name = name
setName 'Lulu'
console.log name     # 'Lulu'
console.log @name    # undefined


(function() {
  var setName;
  setName = function(name) {
    return = name;

Edit: One more data point: v8 gives ‘Lulu’, ‘Lulu’ both in the REPL and if I run the script through the interpreter.

18 Jun 2011, 15:31
Trevor Burnham (54 posts)

Thanks for continuing to test this. I posted an answer on Stack Overflow:

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