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18 Jul 2011, 23:27
Godfrey Chan (1 post)

Just by looking at the ToC I’ve a hard time understanding the intended audiences of this book. Since CoffeeScript is such a minimal language on top of JS, I have a feeling that the online documentation ( pretty much covered everything you need to know if you are already familiar with JS. Can someone enlighten me on who would (or why would I) find this book useful? :)

24 Jul 2011, 18:02
Trevor Burnham (53 posts)

The book is aimed at people who have a basic understanding of JavaScript, but don’t necessarily appreciate all of its nuances, e.g. how does scope work? What is “this”? How does prototypal inheritance work? All of those things are explained in the book. I want readers to come away with a deep enough understanding of JS that they can grok the output from their CoffeeScript code.

Additionally, the features documented at are explained in greater detail, along with their rationales. Rather than just “This code does that,” it’s more “This code does that this way, and here’s why, and here’s a common mistake to watch out for.”

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02 Aug 2011, 17:47
Sunah Suh (2 posts)

I’m going through the book now and have minimal experience with javascript (nothing really beyond copying and pasting code for drop down menus years ago ;)) and a background mostly in Perl, PHP & Python. I’m finding the book to be a really helpful quick primer for some of the more interesting features of JS (finally, a good explanation of this!) and getting into the JS mentality. I was worried about purchasing the book without having extensive JS experience and figured I might have to brush up using other sources but I’m finding it just about right for my level.

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