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26 Jul 2011, 06:25
Brad Cantrell (15 posts)

The only thing I really like about Coffeescript is how they got rid of var declarations by adding lexical scope. Nothing wrong with all the other features in Coffeescript, but I dont need them, I’ll use other languages for that. Im wondering if its possible to take just that one feature out of Coffeescript and make a preprocessor script so I can program in Javascript with just that feature? I also like that Coffeescript gets rid of semicolon delimiting, but I have a feeling that is connected with the indentation delimiting features that I dont want. Any info on how I could implement this would be much appreciated.

I also want to mention that node.js and coffeescript finally got in the Mint repos, so Im all set with that.

26 Jul 2011, 15:21
Trevor Burnham (53 posts)

You might want to check out Kaffeine, which provides implicit var declarations, semi-colons, and some other goodies, but retains a JS-like syntax (complete with curly braces):

26 Jul 2011, 16:28
Brad Cantrell (15 posts)

thanks Trever, thats exactly what I wanted

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