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11 Apr 2010, 07:48
Sue Petersen (4 posts)

I’m working on a RAILS app that will run in-house on Snow Leopard. I’ve run into a bug in BigDecimal in the Ruby version on my OSX machines. (ruby 1.8.7 (2009-06-08 patchlevel 173) [universal-darwin10.0]) I have verified that the bug (this bug, at least) does not appear in ruby-1.8.7-p249 [ x86_64 ]

I’ve installed the rvm gem and can load and swap out rubies in the local user space. And I just managed to get netBeans to recognize and load the rvm version of 1.8.7-p249. <Yeah!> This is great because I can now continue developing and worry about other things.

However, I also would like to update my system ruby. At least, I believe I do? I want to be able to click on a shortcut on the desktop and run my program with the correct ruby version. I want to be able to deploy my program to a server at the office and let my employees play with the beta version and load data as I’m developing. And, I do NOT want to do that with the BigDecimal bug

I have downloaded several different ruby distributions for the Mac. In particular, I have ruby-1.8.7-p249.tar.gz and I know how to expand it. But I don’t know where to go from there to install it into the system. I’m an old Delphi programmer, making the leap to OSX, Ruby, RAILS, MySQL, and a few other languages. And my head hurts. :-)

Can somebody walk me thru the process? I’ve read the Programming Ruby book, but it says to follow the ReadMe. And the ReadMe included in p249 assumes that I’m familiar with the various command line switches and configuration options involved. And frankly, I don’t have a clue.


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