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06 Jul 2010, 07:34
Rytis Lukosevicius (1 post)


The only thing that I was unable to find in the screencast desription is for what language the examples will be provided. Only after poking around and looking into vimeo for the samples I saw that it’s for java. I believe it would be clearer for customers to know that in advance.

03 Dec 2012, 21:52
Basil C P Borun (1 post)

I was not as punctilious as you concerning the language and purchased this series on the basis of past experiences. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with the product. Not only was the screencast super low resolution (i.e., poor quality), but Kent also turned this subject matter into a pretty boring exercise that raised the question: “Why would I use this approach in real life?”

All in all, Ryan Bates covers this topic much better and really motivates you into giving it the old college try.

15 Feb 2016, 17:47
Tony Brown (3 posts)

Thanks for the comment Basil

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