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02 Jul 2012, 02:16
Anand Alaghu (1 post)

Hi John and Bruce, I am enjoying the book for its contents. Being a newbie to rails , I would have preferred it to be a step by step guide like AWD. This is what I look in pragmatic series.

Also, in my rails (rails -v Rails 3.2.6) , I could not get the web fonts to work as per the steps provided. I did finally get it to work as described in

I hope your next editions take the user through more detailed step by step instructions.


08 Jul 2012, 00:37
John M Athayde (29 posts)

Anand -

I’ll look into this. We (the authors and PragProg) made an early decision to not be a step by step book as we’d spend too much time duplicating what already exists in AWD. A large number of readers have expressed their displeasure with this approach, so if the book does well enough to get to a next edition, we’ll certainly consider how we can make it work better in a step by step fashion.