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28 Oct 2010, 15:30
Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy (1 post)

Any thoughts on focussing on writing about “DSL”, “Language Oriented Programming” with Python as a preferred language ?

Is this forum meant to provide ‘mentoring’ on outline for the article writing etc in November ?

28 Oct 2010, 18:44
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

Hi Venkatesh!

Good question - we’re offering general advice, tips, and support in this forum through November. Whatever you plan to write about, come here for encouragement. If you have general questions about how to create an outline or get started writing, absolutely, we’d be happy to help!

Best, Susannah

30 Oct 2010, 08:45
Andy Dent (5 posts)

There is a similar book in the .Net world about the Python-like Boo: “DSLs in Boo: Domain-Specific Languages in .NET”

Dunno if that helps or discourages :-/

16 Nov 2010, 00:42
Larry Jones (89 posts)


Although I am “late to the party,” what are some effective ways to create an outline?

16 Nov 2010, 03:53
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

Hi Larry,

Welcome! As far as effective outlining techniques: you can choose from a few different methods: mind maps, the traditional nested outline, or simply a few notes about general topics you want to cover that you use as a jumping-off point. Whatever method you choose, make sure to stay focused on the big picture: the hows, whys, and benefits of what your topic is. It’s easy to get lost in the little details of sub-heads and minor topics, but you can lose a lot of time that way that would be better spent writing. Take enough time to outline so that you know what general direction to head in, then dive in.

20 Nov 2010, 02:38
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Thanks, Susannah.

I had written down a number of ideas two years ago - not quite an outline but enough to get me started.

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