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01 Nov 2010, 14:40
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

It’s November 1! Starting today, carve out time to write every day. The goal is to write two pages a day during this month. Every Friday, we’ll have a page count check-in, where you can post your page count for the week. But don’t wait till Friday - post here about your progress as often as you like during this month, ask questions, and offer advice. We’ll be posting writing tips all month both here and on Twitter at @pragprowrimo.

Can’t wait to see how your ideas start shaping up into books!

01 Nov 2010, 16:44
Fred Reillier (4 posts)

I did it ! 769 words in english about “content : what to put on your website ?”. 29 days to go…

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