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02 Nov 2010, 16:49
Sam Rawlins (5 posts)

I find all of the talk of “Write Now!!! Edit Later!!!” interesting. I understand that PragProWriMo is designed to help authors-to-be to get into the habit of writing daily, and to encourage them to churn out content during these 30 days. But surely there are some benefits of editing early…

Are there any votes for interweaving the process of writing with the process of editing? I’ve managed to make my 2-page quota each day (I started early), and I enjoy the editing process. I think that editing text a few days after I write it is productive, and helps me immediately in each day’s writing. The idea of writing 60 pages without looking back sounds a little daunting and treacherous to me…

On that note, I also like styling my text after writing a chunk of it; @monospacing@ and italicizing various terms makes it more readable to me (which is why styling is used in the final product…), and therefore easier to edit.

02 Nov 2010, 20:27
Raymond Yee (47 posts)

I tend to think that you should interpret the PragProWriMo in a way that you think will work best for you. Often, I find the “write now/edit later” mantra helpful in getting me out of situations in which the writing freezes up while I ponder some knotty situation. For this month, I’m trying to get a lot of text out on the computer for me to edit later. At the same time, I’m also doing some amount of copying and pasting of old writing that I did into my current book. In this situation, I’m finding it helpful to not rewrite stuff I probably also wrote in some other context; this process of editing is what is needed instead.

The key for me is to use this month to participate in a communal process of writing together and encouraging each other and to focus on making daily progress.

03 Nov 2010, 01:49
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

Absolutely - the key is getting something written down so that you’ll be able to go back and edit that something, be it that same day or later in the month. Once you’ve reached your goal of two pages for that day, by all means, look back and edit, or edit as you write if that’s comfortable for you. Every writer is different - once you figure out what works for you, go with it!

03 Nov 2010, 02:02
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

I too get tempted to edit my work heavily as I go. The reason is I am afraid to look stupid in my own eyes or the eyes of others. This is an interesting process of self-discovery and self-discipline. I think it is better for me to write now and edit later, or I will never express most of my message.

03 Nov 2010, 18:39
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky (8 posts)

As this stage of my book, it is mostly editing, in that I’m collecting some pieces from my blog. But if capturing new screen shots is writing, well then, I guess I am writing too. ;-)

03 Nov 2010, 23:41
Sam Rawlins (5 posts)

Thanks for all the answers. This was very helpful. I think I see more that PragProWriMo is more about helping people sustain 2 pages per day, for day after day. This is less easy to do over a month than over a few days.

M. Ed Borasky: You do not get to count each screen shot as 1000 words! :)

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