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03 Nov 2010, 12:51
Jean-Julien Aucouturier (5 posts)

Still on track - 2250 words in 3 days. I allocate a single 25min pomodoro: first thing in the morning. This isn’t much, but will be happy if I can sustain this already. I constrain myself not to research anything or navigate away from the page to ascertain facts - even numbers that I know I would find in a spreadsheet on my hard drive. Instead, I simply write TK (a tip I first read about here). I write in Google Docs, the only other thing running is Spotify (Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden - Beyond The Missouri Sky).

03 Nov 2010, 16:14
Josh Carter (40 posts)

Was able to visit the local coffee shop this morning and write.

03 Nov 2010, 18:01
Raymond Yee (47 posts)

I’m up to approximately 3000 words now, mostly by copying stuff I’ve written in an Ecco Pro outline over the last several years into my book and aligning the materials into a larger, more or less coherent, narrative.

03 Nov 2010, 18:32
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky (8 posts)

Haven’t done much text writing yet, but I have about 15 pages of screen shots. If one picture is worth 1000 words, I’ve got 13000 words in today’s chapter alone. ;-)

03 Nov 2010, 21:23
Daniel de Kok (38 posts)

Hi all! I hope I am not too late to join in. I figured that it’s still doable to catch up during the weekend ;).

Current word count: 1150 words.

03 Nov 2010, 21:55
Jay Kint (1 post)

I’m at 4 pages, and should be able to get another 2 pages by tonight.

03 Nov 2010, 22:43
Julian Gamble (34 posts)

Got some content work done - this chapter is looking pretty good. Did some planning for a subsequent chapter.

03 Nov 2010, 23:37
Fred Reillier (4 posts)

Three days, 3 pages a day (one pomodoro), all is going smoothly for my on

04 Nov 2010, 01:13
Arin Sime (4 posts)

3 days in a row of writing, despite a number of other distractions. I’m pleased to make it this far, and I’m starting to converge on a good idea. I’m looking forward to maintaining the discipline to see this through!

04 Nov 2010, 03:07
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

My first day of all-new content! Happy to still be on track, and I found it easier to reach the 750-word mark than I had feared. My stats for today:

04 Nov 2010, 03:15
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

I decided to stop for the evening at 1.75 pages of single-spaced text. I am narrating one workday in the lives of two software developers for the same employer who show very different outlooks and characters. My main problem is I am struggling for the next thing to say, and need to think that through. Maybe I need to develop an outline of the book because structure can be comforting. Or perhaps that is yak shaving and I should just get on with the job of saying what I want to. Tomorrow will be a better day! I will aim for 2.25 pages of text.

04 Nov 2010, 12:22
David Copeland (512 posts)

Did 11/3’s work this morning before work. Only 1300 words, and I’m starting to feel the complete lack of organization becoming a problem. I know there’s a lot of impetus to “just write”, but if I’m left with a giant jumble of disorganized information at the end, I’m not sure what use it’s going to be. But I’m still on track!

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