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04 Nov 2010, 05:20
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

I’ve been using for my writing these three days, and I am really enjoying it. Apart from the motivation (I signed myself up for public embarrassment if I fall out during November), I really enjoy the ability to share my statistics, and all the detailed and sometimes wonky analysis it gives of my typing.

In particular I like the simple, clean layout, and hence my (very simple and obvious) tip: If you are using a browser that supports full-screen mode, such as Chrome or Firefox, using the entry screen in full-screen mode (F11 on both of these, at least under Windows) is a great way to help avoid distractions, gives you a nice blank screen in which to write, with just the word count at the bottom. It actually looks very similar to the many “focus on your writing” editors that have become popular as of late.

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