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05 Nov 2010, 02:18
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

I’m wondering where do you, as a PragProWriMo participant, like to do your writing? So far I am doing mine in my study, which is far from neat. I want to learn circuit design and do things like build robots and test electronic devices. After a few years of steadily collecting interesting looking stuff, my room is one large junk box. It is here at a desk littered with resistors, papers, wires, and breadboards that I write my daily pages for PragProWriMo. I’m not sure I like writing here, you understand. I want to experiment with writing in different places.

05 Nov 2010, 08:25
Daniel de Kok (38 posts)

Anywhere where I carry my MacBook ;). For me the moment is the most important. I write when I feel I have inspiration.

07 Nov 2010, 05:56
Josh Carter (40 posts)

Between the day job and family, my answer is “wherever I can.” ;) I’ve found:

  • Coffee shop and netbook is pretty good. I have a cheapie HP210 with Ubuntu, Emacs, and development tools that I use exclusively for writing. I like that it’s harder to get distracted on the netbook than with a full-size computer. I dislike the small screen.

  • Sitting in bed works okay. At night when my 4 year-old is getting to sleep I’ll often use the netbook to write there. As long as I’m sitting up I don’t get sleepy.

  • Basement office is most preferable at the moment. Love using a big display, even if I hide everything but my text editor. The amount of vertical screen real-estate lets me scan over the text much easier than on any laptop.

07 Nov 2010, 07:20
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

Like Josh, I find myself writing wherever I can, since I am in a similar situation (family with young kids + day job). My favorite location is my home office, where I can focus better, but the couch or the dining room table have also been good locations.

07 Nov 2010, 08:29
UlrichMerkel (23 posts)

Right now, in the comfort of my home (-office).

From tomorrow onwards (travelling to my customer at Nüremberg for 12 days), it will look like using my notebook to give the evenings some more meaning.

I find the idea of a dedicated netbook very good. I own a asus eeepc 1st generation which looks perfect for this. For the moment in time the locations where I write are fixed, but this may change.

In the meantime, I use my usual “scribbled notes, figures, sketches” on all kind of paper.

Success, Uli

07 Nov 2010, 15:30
Scott Dunn (11 posts)

Same time in the morning before everyone is up, sitting in my big green chair with a cup of tea. Also had one extra session at the kitchen table in the late afternoon. Thanks to whomever recommended Isolater, that’s helped too.

13 Sep 2017, 08:32
kimhoivp1 (4 posts)

I want to learn circuit design and do things like build robots and test electronic devices,too

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