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08 Nov 2010, 15:04
Scott Dunn (11 posts)

Did a double pomodoro, given that I missed doing a planned double over the weekend. Up to 14 pp and 5500 words. Table of Contents done. A little tired after an hour’s worth.

08 Nov 2010, 15:47
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Today’s results:

    1423    7434   49111 total

I’ve got three first passes at chapters complete. Looking at the page count, I have a feeling they’re going to need some more info (currently at ~5 8x11 pages per chapter). Don’t know though. Once that’s in standard book form, it might fill out to more than I think it is.

08 Nov 2010, 18:43
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

I got 917 words written today, for a grand total so far of 9,230. Looking at my tentative table of contents, I have written text for 4 chapters already in semi-random order. However, I will definitely need to add a lot more content, since I’ve been building a skeleton for what I want to say, but skipping over most code examples. I have the feeling that once I start putting code examples in, my word count will go down (hopefully I can still keep it over 750 words every day, so I don’t drop off the challenge!), but the time investment will go up.

Today’s stats: (Apparently I’m feeling half-affectionate and half-anxious? Who would’ve thought)

08 Nov 2010, 21:41
Daniel de Kok (38 posts)

Today, we converted all our material to DocBook, because we were outgrowing Markdown (too few semantics, bad support for math). Besides that, we added new material, and are now at approximately 23 letter-sized pages.

09 Nov 2010, 03:13
Raymond Yee (47 posts)

I wrote about 700 words tonight and am now over 6000 words. Thankful to have received Bob Cochran’s encouragement ( to keep plugging away – which is what I did tonight.

09 Nov 2010, 04:00
David Copeland (512 posts)

It was really hard to find time today, but I did. Up to 12K words, though some of it is obviously code samples that get repeated as I explain improvement.

09 Nov 2010, 04:08
Edward Gibbs (15 posts)

Today 839 words. Starting to do some research for code samples and roughed out the table of contents. Using ommwriter ( for focused writing.

09 Nov 2010, 04:23
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

Raymond, that is great! I think you are progressing just fine. I know what it is when things don’t go quite as expected. Tonight is my night for a tough night – I’m afraid I will have to make up my page commitment tomorrow. But I will.

09 Nov 2010, 05:44
UlrichMerkel (23 posts)

The alarm clock in my temporary flat (at customers side) was is still on summertime, so fortuna gave me an additional hour to work on my “Using Uniface”. Going by train gave me a lot of time thinking about interesting items, headlines, anekdotes, so I just typed them done in a preliminary order (in some tipe of shorthand). So the skeleton is there waiting for the beef which is planned (yes, this magic word PLAN) to be added today in the afternoon. A good part of thze job is copy&paste from codelined and documentation to provide a good base for the building. Success, Uli

10 Nov 2010, 04:14
Josh Carter (40 posts)

I’m such a slacker. Fortunately, I’m slacking at posting my progress, I actually did write. :) Got stuck on my previous topic, decided to switch to something I could write about readily: professional dress for programmers. It is the one and only time I will ever attempt to give fashion advice to anybody.

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