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13 Nov 2010, 04:24
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

I know some of you plan to or would like to include diagrams in your books. And many times being able to sketch something on the fly is inspirational and fun. That brings me to another question I have…is anyone out there using a Wacom tablet, like the Bamboo, Fun, Intuos or Cintiq models? These are digital tablets that let you do a variety of things with a special pen. I gave my wife an Intuos 4 medium tablet and she seems to be using it. I must grab it and play with it a bit myself.

My question is would this be any help to you, as writers?


13 Nov 2010, 05:00
Josh Carter (40 posts)

Bob, I use a Wacom tablet as the primary input device on my home machine. I’ve used several generations of them for about 12-13 years. I don’t do a lot of freehand sketching but I find it tremendously useful for illustration and diagrams. (Also StarCraft.) Way more natural and comfortable when doing a lot of drawing.

Don’t be scared off by the learning curve. It’ll feel completely alien for the first couple days, but then it’ll click and you’ll wonder how you could have ever spent so much of your life mousing around.

As an aside, I think the Intuos line is the best stuff going right now. I tried a 20” Cintiq but got one with multiple bad pixels, returned it, got another one with even more bad pixels, returned it, then emailed Wacom saying I wasn’t going to bother trying again. For $2000 (!) you’d think they would have better quality control than the $200 displays on the market.

15 Nov 2010, 16:27
John M Athayde (39 posts)

I use a wacom tablet but I come from a graphic design/architecture background. I have an Intuos with a mouse and a pen (I think it’s an intuos 3 but i’m not sure).

For writing, I don’t use it much. When I am creating graphics I am using Photoshop to edit screen captures or omni graffle. In these cases I may use the pen tablet, but not as often as if I’m doing more traditional graphics work.

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