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16 Nov 2010, 14:12
Raymond Yee (47 posts)

I’m continuing my finding and rescuing unused materials as part of my book writing. After copying and pasting a lot of materials about operating system clipboards, copying and pasting, and drag and drop, I’m up to (29 pages) and 11500 words.

I’m very pleased with the progress I’m making in synthesizing old (but incomplete) work into the book. I plan to continue this process after November and would be glad to be part of a community interested in doing likewise.

16 Nov 2010, 15:55
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Raymond, that sounds very much like the start of one of those “yo dawg” jokes. “I heard you like your copying and pasting, so I copied and pasted some copies and pastes into your copy and paste clipboard.” :-)

My #s for today:

    2560   13716   92501 total

I did two pomodoros of writing, but wasted 50 additional minutes “researching” (i.e., figuring out that what I’m not going to talk about). Wasted is too harsh of a word, but having just written this morning about not getting sucked into the rabbit hole of writing/debugging code, I’m peeved at myself. I jumped head long down the hole because of a cool idea that I wasn’t 100% sure on how to go about implementing it. In retrospect, I should have shelved the idea within 5 minutes, but I kept fiddling around with “well, how about if I do it this way?” At least I learned a bit out of the process.


16 Nov 2010, 16:50
John M Athayde (39 posts)

Research and code development are both critical parts of the writing process. Some days I don’t get much written, but I learn and synthesize an incredible amount. While we may know something in our head, researching helps clarify and support that idea, and allows us to back up our statements with community consensus or fact. And now you can say, empirically, that x was a bad idea, because you tried it. :)

16 Nov 2010, 17:41
UlrichMerkel (23 posts)

Spent a lot of time concentrating running uniface code into small examples.

Am on a chapter what artifaces are available and how you can use ordinary tools like EXCEL to filter important info out of a 6000 lines listing.

So “the book” is now on 8000 words, but the examples will add to it shortly. And I hope to get a substantial contribution over the next weekend.

Updated Version on my homepage; success, Uli

P.S: like raymond, I have a lot of articles ( which may make it into the book when I’m short on words

16 Nov 2010, 22:43
Daniel de Kok (38 posts)

We are at 53 pages now.

Also, the book had 13,000 unique visitors in 24 hours. We received lots of feedback and fixes.

17 Nov 2010, 02:43
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

I finished my pages for today. I am becoming wandery in my writing and going a little off-topic but not by too much I think. I’m writing more than the required 2 pages each day and I’m starting to get a good flow of new ideas to discuss in the book which seem pertinent to my overall theme. Maybe at some point the stream of ideas and words will become a torrent. Actually I expect it will. What I like is that I’m becoming creative and starting to fill another need that I feel in my career, to write something, to become a good storyteller. No one is ever going to see my code except the people who maintain it or replace it with better code. But maybe my prose will be seen by a much wider audience.


17 Nov 2010, 05:39
Edward Gibbs (15 posts)

Only 250 words today after about 10 hours on the road, but hoping to do more tomorrow.

17 Nov 2010, 05:52
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

I cut it really close today! Started writing only at 11pm after a terribly busy day at work and my brain felt fried, so I chose an easy section (my first chapter with introductory content) and just started babbling away. Got 872 words written, which makes for an even 50 pages now.

Today’s stats: (“Rating: PG for swearing and violence” WTF?)

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