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17 Nov 2010, 05:40
UlrichMerkel (23 posts)

a very early good morning from germany (it’s 6:35 am).

Just completed another block of demo code (low wordcount, large time-to-build). Unfortunately, providing and commenting demo code always seduce me to make short sentences even shorter.

So for the sake of my performance, i will to jump to some more narrative chapters now. With the help of “Dragon Naturally Speaking” I dream of making my miles with plain story telling.


17 Nov 2010, 05:52
John Bresnik (4 posts)

Been spending time revising the previous days work - it’s cutting into my overall progress but valuing quality over quantity at this point.. Decided to modify the tone to cast a wider net of audience, and that poses an interesting question: at what point is a work too specific / specialized? Still plugging away in the off hours..

17 Nov 2010, 15:34
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Today was a bit rough. Only got one full pomodoro in and don’t think I’m going to manage the other one (definitely not back-to-back which was my goal). Today’s #s:

    2616   14087   94923 total

A full paragraph of that is a note to myself (future readers) on an intro to a chapter that I think is getting completely yanked. Had grand ideas for this particular chapter as it was introducing some cool concepts, but the actual heavy lifting to get those off of the ground is not worth it (i.e., I don’t want one chapter to turn into 30 pages just ‘cause its a cool concept).

I have a feeling I’m jumping to the next chapter tomorrow.


17 Nov 2010, 16:16
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

Hi John,

Well darn, I typed up a lovely response to your question about specificity, then the new captchas grabbed me too, and I lost my reply. So let me try again:

It’s often better to be more specific, in that by clearly defining your audience, you can be more meaningful to them. It’s tempting to cast a wide net in the attempt to get more potential readers, but that can dilute your content, as it’s hard to be meaningful to a too-diverse audience. By focusing on specific groups (beginning users of X, or intermediate users of X) then you can make a much bigger difference for that particular group. Now, the trick is also to do some market research to find out the user base of the particular topic you want to write about, to make sure that you are writing for enough potential readers.

Hope that helps . . .

17 Nov 2010, 16:52
Raymond Yee (47 posts)

I added 1000 words to my book this morning by digging out something I wrote in my Ecco Pro outliner about what it would take to create a new personal information manager. I’m now up to 12500 words.

I’m actually surprised by how much work it takes to dig up works I’ve already written (in outline form) and cast those words into “real prose” that I can properly situate in my book.

17 Nov 2010, 23:06
Janine Ohmer (10 posts)

Finally managed to get back to this. I only wrote 1453 words today, for a grand total of 4778, but I finished a section and started another, which required a bit of online research to figure out exactly what I want to talk about. So I feel good about my progress today even though the numbers aren’t terribly impressive.

Onward! :)

17 Nov 2010, 23:25
Daniel de Kok (38 posts)

We are at 55 pages now. And I wrote some new example code.

18 Nov 2010, 03:36
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

Today was tough! I completed my pages just now, but didn’t think I would. And I certainly am not overflowing with brilliant nuggets of wisdom tonight, but that is okay, I think there is at least some light thread of wandery continuity to my chapter.

18 Nov 2010, 05:59
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

I also cut it quite close today - finished just now, 5 minutes before midnight, with 837 words. Here are the stats:

I continued with my introductory chapter, since my brain was fried today as well. Woke up at 6:00 and had a meeting with a customer which involved a 2-hour drive in each direction, plus lots of previously-existing and new work that appeared during the day, so I only got to writing at around 11:15pm. But hey, I’m taking it as it comes, just trying to achieve my quota each day.

20 Nov 2010, 02:55
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Great idea on using pomodoro’s to write! I use them at work and love them.

They do help one focus - even on writing.

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