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20 Nov 2010, 03:00
Larry Jones (89 posts)

My most productive time is in the morning.

Writing at night, after at least eight hours at work, is tough.

Any ideas on how to better balance these two demands - and produce a better book ;)


20 Nov 2010, 14:13
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

I am in a similar situation. I would like to write in the morning, but my two young daughters often wake up at 6:30, and I’m really not willing (or able) to wake up even earlier to write. Once they wake up, all bets are off - the house is a maelstrom until they leave for school with my wife. Sometimes, I’ll manage to steal an hour or so during work hours to write, but on busy days (as it’s been the case lately) it’s impossible. Sometimes I can start my writing once they are in bed, but I also want to spend time with my wife, so oftentimes I don’t get to really write until after she goes to sleep as well (11’ish). My brain is toast at this time, so I use these times to write not-so-technical parts.

I guess what I’m saying is that my technique so far has been to write whenever I can :) It’s been impossible so far to find a fixed time for writing. Good luck.

20 Nov 2010, 08:50
UlrichMerkel (23 posts)

Hi, same problem I had in the last 2 weeks.

Put the alarm clock to 4:30 to have 2 hrs for writing and be with my customer at 7:00.

Unfortunately (project business as usual) we have now a firefighting period (19 hrs on the front) and I have to stop writing for a balance (sorry).

But if you call up for PragProWriMo next year, I’m sure to join the band again; It was a very nice experience and thanks to all of you for your cooperation and motivation.

20 Nov 2010, 10:36
Daniel de Kok (38 posts)

I write after work time. Preferably staying one or two hours longer at work, and writing there. It’s a nice and quiet environment after six.

20 Nov 2010, 14:15
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

I may add that a great motivator has been, in addition to posting here, to join the monthly challenge. It has forced me to make time for writing, lest my name goes up on the Wall of Shame.

20 Nov 2010, 21:50
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

I try to write daily in the evenings. I’m an older fellow whose kids are grown, so this is easy for me to do. There is a catch to this however. I also fix computers for people after my daytime job. It helps ease the loneliness. I can focus on talking to the customer, fixing things, collecting my fee, and going on to the next customer. Then I go home and write. I try to finish house calls by about 9:00 each evening. Some nights get really busy and I don’t return home till much later. That is what happened last night.

Even so, writing is much easier for me to do than for Diego.


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