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21 Nov 2010, 23:08
Bob Cochran (170 posts)

Today is my wife’s birthday and I have not been able to do any review or writing at all. I’m going to work hard at doing both these things for the rest of the week. That’s 6 pages I’m behind on, eek!


22 Nov 2010, 01:01
David Copeland (511 posts)

A massive 2700 word update for me today (although a fair amount of that is code [ though I did write the code today, too ])

> rake stats
(in /Users/davec/Projects/pragprowrimo)
28325 words
1348 words/day
128 pages
22 Nov 2010, 02:01
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Started work on building a fence this morning, so I’m just now getting around to writing. Feel pretty happy with today’s results:

Today’s #s:

    3043   16894  113035 total


22 Nov 2010, 02:25
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Here’s my totals through today:

lines, words, characters = 685 4946 31236 total

The morning was productive; writing in the evening was productive, but midday was terrible!

22 Nov 2010, 03:37
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

Today was hard, I think I just wasn’t inspired, plus a new technical chapter that has me a little stumped, plus no time to really concentrate during the day to come up with good code examples. But I made it (barely) with 774 words:

22 Nov 2010, 05:57
Josh Carter (40 posts)

Back on the horse today. I was out at a trade show for several days (Supercomputing 2010 in New Orleans… great show, worst hotel room ever) and I didn’t open the computer at all. Even though I was sober, attempting to write wouldn’t have been useful. Shows are exhausting.

Spent tonight’s writing time on a section about immediacy of data and your program’s working set. Total coincidence, but it ties in nicely with supercomputing: those folks do huge tiered storage systems.

22 Nov 2010, 06:04
Josh Carter (40 posts)

I should add: just what the heck happened to Friday and Saturday? I was home, had no excuse to not write, but somehow seem to have lost consciousness shortly after getting my daughter to bed. (At least, I think she went to bed… who knows?)

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