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23 Nov 2010, 15:37
Raymond Yee (47 posts)

I wrote a bit about contact management (780 words) and am now up to 40 pages. I don’t know how much writing I’ll get done tomorrow (with Thanksgiving travel) but I’m going to try hard to write on Thanksgiving morning.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it this week!

23 Nov 2010, 15:50
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Same to you, Raymond!

Today was a slow day writing wise, but got a lot of code done. I’m happy with where it ended:

    3306   18394  123310 total


23 Nov 2010, 23:21
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Two pomorodo’s of work done today. Making good progress, but I may need to increase my target pomodoro’s to write more. Here are the totals:

1288 7529 53030 total

24 Nov 2010, 04:13
David Copeland (512 posts)

Got to a decent stopping point:

> rake stats
(in /Users/davec/Projects/pragprowrimo)
30842 words
1340 words/day
140 pages

My main problem now is that I’ve covered a lot of what I wanted to cover. I guess that’s good, but I’m a bit short for an overall book. I have a few appendices I want to do, which I’ll focus on next…

24 Nov 2010, 05:49
Josh Carter (40 posts)

w00t, done for tonight. Finished a section on designing software for upgrades and installation. (Funny how often that’s left for the very end of the project, then you discover a bunch of assumptions in your app about things like paths, system users, or whatnot. Not a good time in the project for surprises.)

24 Nov 2010, 06:02
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

Aaaand, right on the ding of midnight, I’m done. Didn’t write much today, but finally got started with a cfengine basics section that I had been avoiding, but writing it has helped me clear a lot of ideas and things I want to explain. Today’s stats:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We don’t normally celebrate it in Mexico, but we have American friends who have invited us to Thanksgiving dinner, so we’ll end up having turkey anyway :)

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