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24 Nov 2010, 17:47
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Starting to get a bit quieter in here. Guess its the holidays and such.

Today’s #s for me:

    3415   19101  127556 total

Feel pretty good about that – there was a lot of code reading and exploration happening today to get that material down. Really starting to like where I’m at.


24 Nov 2010, 22:48
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

I made some time to write during the day, since today is my wedding anniversary and I’m taking the night off :)

I wrote 796 words today, here are the stats:

It really is much quieter around here these days. I guess everyone (from the U.S. at least) is already out on vacation.

25 Nov 2010, 01:53
David Copeland (512 posts)

Not sure if I’ll have time tomorrow, but made some more progress today. This is the hard part, because it’s stuff that I don’t exactly know how to do; had to learn how to package a RubyGem as an RPM for this. Tomorrow I’ll be learning aruba to testing command line interfaces (I hope!)

> rake stats
(in /Users/davec/Projects/pragprowrimo)
33469 words
1394 words/day
152 pages
25 Nov 2010, 03:57
Jean-Julien Aucouturier (5 posts)

Little short of 12,000 words total, with 680 words today. This seems to have become a natural pace for me - I always fall short of 750 words with one 25mn pomodoro, but I don’t force it. I always stop with more to write, and resume easily the next day, where I left it at, with just a couple of minutes of backtracking for context. I enjoy this, even if this is still a long way from a complete volume. It’s become my way to start the day at work. Like many of you here, I think I will try to sustain the habit after November 30th.

I write with no planning at all. New topics come up, I follow the track for a few days, and when they naturally seem to wrap up, I skip section to a new topic. I wonder if this will go on linearly, until I simply bump into the “done, nothing more to say” wall; or if I will need a second pass, reorganizing, furthering each section already written. Very different from the kind of academic writing I’m used to, which usually involves strict and very conventional chaptering. Again, I am truly enjoying all this, down to using the same exact soundtrack everyday (spotify:album:1bG2Y1Q0xpew4QpXllEax0).

Happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate it today (not our case here in Tokyo).


25 Nov 2010, 06:15
Josh Carter (40 posts)

Didn’t have a brilliant evening of writing – I got too late of a start – but I got some words down regardless. Working on a section about recognizing and managing stress. Not the easiest section to write, in part because I’m terrible about stress management myself.

25 Nov 2010, 15:32
Larry Jones (89 posts)

I did not get any work done yesterday.

If I miss a day, do y’all think its better to try for twice the work the next day or simply to focus on establishing the regular habit of writing?

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