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27 Nov 2010, 23:16
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

Seems I’m the first for today. I wrote 809 words about package management with cfengine. Today’s stats:

Happy weekend everyone!

28 Nov 2010, 03:52
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Man, today’s writing was hard to get in. Full day of working around the house and I got to 8:30 with no writing. Almost didn’t do, but in the end I couldn’t let the streak end.

Today’s #s:

    3890   21456  145362 total

Not entirely accurate because there’s a lot of code samples and I think some of the output from the code is going to get trimmed eventually, but I’m leaving it for now.


28 Nov 2010, 05:47
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Although the “best” part of my day is early in the morning, I find that I do not get my writing in until the evening - often when everyone else has gone to bed. I need to be careful to avoid being too tired to write; however, I need to write everyday.

Todays (cumulative) totals:

1605 9196 65018 total

I feel like the turtle. I’m making progress but it is slow and steady with little evidence of progress (unlike coding with test-driven development :).

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