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06 Dec 2010, 03:25
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Hey guys;

In an effort to keep the December thread from getting crazy, I figured I’d start back up on new threads for each topic. :-)

Today’s #s aren’t amazing, but they’ll work. Still doing some reference material so there’s a lot of reading of code.

    4855   25743  180675 total

The weekend has been interesting, been writing in the evening rather the morning. I used to have a lot harder time writing in the evening, but it comes much easier now. I guess it’s the month of writing every day that’s helping.


07 Dec 2010, 03:18
Larry Jones (89 posts)


I like the idea of spawning a new thread, but since so few of us seem to be visiting, might it make sense to have a status thread for one week of writing? (Feel free to pick a convenient start and end of the week.)

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