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11 Dec 2010, 20:21
Raymond Yee (47 posts)

I just hit 20000 words today. Still working on my book, albeit at a slower pace than last month.

12 Dec 2010, 03:32
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

I finally got back into writing today - now for my PragProg proposal. I wrote 950 words of it, including the book overview and the draft outline, as suggested in

So here are today’s stats: . You can see I’ve been far less consistent with my writing this month, but now that I’ve started with the proposal, I feel a good wave of motivation coming my way :)

12 Dec 2010, 04:31
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Here’s my totals through today:

3999 20585 155250 total

Because of my travel schedule next week, I’m unclear if I’ll be updating as often as I’ve been updating; however, I still plan to keep writing - even if it is in longhand!

Keep up the hard work, all.

12 Dec 2010, 05:10
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Hey guys;

Got my two pomodoros in for today. This marks day 38 of two pomodoros (a few with more) worth of writing. Prag has decided to sign my book and I’m getting it all converted from ReST to PML, so the last few days haven’t had any new content but it’s for a good cause. :-)

I want to thank everyone who’s participated this past month. Having a group of people that I felt accountable to made a world of difference as I worked on getting into habit of writing every single day. I know it sounds strange coming from a two time author, but once you get out of the habit it’s tough to get going again. This forum helps serve as an extra push to get over that hump. Now it just feels weird when I don’t get my writing in.

I owe all of you guys a beer and if you’re ever in the Austin area when I am let me know and I’ll buy you one.

If you’re interested in server-side JavaScript, my book is going to be the guide to it on Node.js.


P.S. I haven’t forgotten that I hinted at a place to take these updates to later. Taking a bit more time than I’d hoped, but it’s still gonna happen. You guys will be amongst the first to know about it.

12 Dec 2010, 14:02
Daniel de Kok (38 posts)

Congrats Travis! I’ll certainly order a copy of the final work :).

12 Dec 2010, 19:24
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Congratulations, Travis! It’s great to see how hard work pays off.

13 Dec 2010, 06:44
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)

Congratulations Travis! Happy to have been witness to the birth of your new book :)

14 Dec 2010, 02:11
Raymond Yee (47 posts)

Congratulations, Travis! I’ll look for it when it comes out. Yay!

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