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12 Dec 2010, 19:23
Larry Jones (89 posts)

I finally read the “Write for Us” note that Diego mentioned in his post yesterday.

The one aspect I have little experience in is marketing myself (and my book). What are some things that y’all either do or plant to do to market yourself?

One particular idea I thought of (based on a suggestion from Dave a long, long time ago) is blogging. For those of you who blog, how did you decide where to blog? How often do you blog? What is involved in becoming a blogger (at the site of someone else)?


12 Dec 2010, 20:38
Daniel de Kok (38 posts)

Twitter tends to work viral as well. Our first chapters were linked on Hackernews and Reddit, after one day of tweets and retweets. We just write a tweet when we have finished an interesting chapter or section. Even if the book is not in the open, I think this strategy could work - write a blog post with useful material and tweet about it.

For our book, we also try to create enthusiasm within the natural language processing community, by letting people know about it. ‘Word by mouth’ PR works well :).

Also, getting linked helps. The previous book I wrote years ago (Slackware Linux Basics) had 5000-6000 unique visitors per month by virtue of links and Google searches.

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