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30 Dec 2010, 04:20
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Completed two more Pomodoro’s tonight. Although I’ve not been quite as faithful as Travis, I, too, am seeing the productivity of writing each day.

Here are my totals through today:

5465 28906 220882 total

31 Dec 2010, 03:40
Travis Swicegood (117 posts)

Larry, it takes some dogged stubbornness to get each day in. I just finished in day 57 (the 30th) and now I’m to the point where keeping that streak alive is the most important part of the equation for me. :-) Keep track of how many days you get the streak going, then make sure to remind yourself what’s at stake when ya feel like slacking off.

31 Dec 2010, 03:52
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Great idea, Travis.

I’ll keep that in mind the next late night when I’ve not yet gotten in my P’s.

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