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01 Jan 2011, 00:14
Diego Zamboni (70 posts)


During the last few days I’ve been on vacation, and although I’ve restarted my writing streak, it hasn’t always been about the book (I’ve used the 750words motivation to do some personal journaling, drafting blog posts, and writing for the book). What I’ve continued doing is reviewing my book proposal and my sample chapter, making changes slowly towards something that is worth submitting :)

Happy New Year to everyone!

01 Jan 2011, 00:36
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Oops! Forgot to check for other posts.


01 Jan 2011, 00:37
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Happy New Year’s to all PragProWriMo authors!

Here’s my status before the party:

5842 30872 236419 total

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