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01 Jan 2011, 00:40
Larry Jones (89 posts)

This question may be more for Susannah than for other participants.

I plan to submit a proposal based on my work on PragProWriMo. Within my writing so far, I used a technique mentioned by one of the other participants of using the letters “TK” to indicate an area in which I need to do research - perhaps to cite another source or to ensure technical correctness.

Since the goal of the sample chapter is to get a feel for my writing style, how important is it that I “resolve” all or most of these references?

01 Jan 2011, 01:20
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (114 posts)

Hi Larry,

Good question! We’d like to see something that’s complete enough to evaluate; it doesn’t have to be totally finished, but I’d say to try not to have so many TK’s that they’re distracting to us.

It’s been great following your progress and looking forward to seeing that proposal!

Happy new year– Susannah

02 Jan 2011, 03:21
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Thanks, Susannah, for the information.

Its encouraging to hear that you’re still “watching o’er your flock by night” :)

02 Jan 2011, 03:23
Larry Jones (89 posts)

Oops. Almost forgot.

Happy New Year to you, too!

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