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19 Apr 2012, 23:13
Mike Engler (3 posts)

My buddy swears you’re not a real Vim user until you’ve remapped “Caps Lock” to “Control.”

20 Apr 2012, 03:13
Tanner Watson (6 posts)

“Caps Lock” WHATS THAT?

10 May 2012, 10:14
Jason P Voegele (1 post)

I’ve done that in the past, but as a programmer there are many times when I need to write SOMETHING_IN_ALL_CAPS, and found that very difficult to do without a Caps Lock key. :)

Is there any way to have Caps Lock remapped to Control, but still have access to Caps Lock’s original function in some way?

12 May 2012, 23:02
Chris Mar (1 post)

I’ve remapped my caps lock to control and love it.

If you want ALL CAPS. Just use the normal mode command gU{motion} or gUU to change something to all caps.

18 Jun 2012, 14:28
Leo Ju (1 post)

I just trained myself to type upper-case letters while holding down the shift key with my pinky. :-)

If it doesn’t work for you, you can swap CapsLock and Control.

19 Jun 2012, 12:54
Drew Neil (49 posts)

Thanks for the suggestion. I decided to cut the old sidebar called “Get back to normal mode faster”, and replace it with a new sidebar called “Remap the caps lock key”.

24 Aug 2012, 17:21
Kevin Hutson (1 post)

Remapping Caps Lock to control is working great. But when I plugged in my external keyboard today, it doesn’t work on the external keyboard. I went back to the control panel and set it again. Now, it continues to work on the laptop keyboard.

Has anyone ran into this one? I’m on a MacBook Pro with an external Apply keyboard (when I’m at work).

01 Nov 2012, 01:08
Trevor Powell (1 post)

Under OSX, the key mapping is done separately for each keyboard, so yes, you’ll need to explicitly swap caps lock and control for each of your keyboards which place caps lock next to the ‘A’ button.

Which is a very good thing, since it means that keyboards which actually put the control key in the right place (Fujitsu’s Happy Hacking Keyboard, for example) work correctly with no modifications.

Incidentally, the Happy Hacking Keyboard happens to be sized to fit precisely on top of a MacBook Pro’s keyboard, without pressing any of the keys or obstructing the built-in speakers or trackpad. No clue if that was intentional or just a happy accident, but either way, it’s programming bliss. :)

01 Nov 2012, 15:39
Adrian Luff (5 posts)

On Macs remapping CAPSLOCK to Control is easy and supported by the OS. I find it more useful to remap CAPSLOCK to the ESCape key.

I use PCKeyboardHack to accomplish this. Conveniently you can still use Shift+CAPSLOCK to toggle the standard CAPSLOCK function.

21 Feb 2013, 18:12
Benjamin Porter (1 post)

I have remapped my caps lock to escape, and I find it indispensable. Control is reachable without moving from home row, but escape is not. The mapping of caps lock to escape fixes that problem :)

22 Mar 2013, 01:41
Adrian Berriel (1 post)

I also prefer remapping CAPSLOCK to ESC. I’m doing it on Linux and Mac.

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