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01 Nov 2012, 10:16
Jack Franklin (3 posts)

In the latest epub I am unable to see the cursor marker for all the examples, which as you can imagine, makes it very hard to follow along with them! If it helps, I’m using the “Aldiko” reader on a Nexus 7.



01 Nov 2012, 13:42
Drew Neil (50 posts)

After a quick test, we’ve found that the cursor position displays properly in iBooks, on a Nook Color, and in the Calibre epub reader. Plus, we’ve had other reports of the Aldiko not supporting certain epub standards.

Could you try the same epub edition in another ereader?

01 Nov 2012, 13:50
Jack Franklin (3 posts)

Thanks Drew, it was indeed the Aldiko app being rubbish. “Kobo” worked fine, as did the Amazon Kindle app.