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17 Apr 2013, 22:19
Kevin Swope (3 posts)

From the pdf on page 69 its suggested to map the arrow keys to ctrl-p and ctrl-n

cnoremap cnoremap

For me, this sorta works, but is buggy.

What happens is that the first match locks in future history as if it thinks the entirety of what is first match is what you typed

For example, if you have a command history that includes :e abc :e xyz

When you type :e and use ctrl-p, it will first find :e abc, and then just get stuck there, thinking you’ve typed that complete result and there are no more completions, when in fact you only typed :e

This is on a mac, using both macvim and whatever is installed in /usr/bin/vim

17 Jul 2015, 16:11
Drew Neil (50 posts)

I’m investigating this. So far I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem you describe, but I’ll keep trying…

It wouldn’t hurt to cut this sidebar, since it’s fairly inconsequential.