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12 Jul 2012, 13:34
Bjørn Hjelle (3 posts)

Hi, after doing cap deploy:cold, you are supposed to be able to reach the application at localhost:4567 (page 75, b4).

I, however, had to add “massiveapp” to /etc/hosts on my host like this: localhost.localdomain localhost massiveapp

and was then able to reach the app at http://massiveapp:4567

This so that the ServerName instruction in the massiveapp VirtualHost def would kick in, otherwise I would just get the apache welcome page.

How could this otherwise work?

Thanks, Bjørn

13 Jul 2012, 11:17
Fabrizio Soppelsa (26 posts)

You get the Apache welcome page Apache hasn’t mod_rails active installed nor correctly loads its ‘.so’s.

BTW, what’s the question?

16 Jul 2012, 09:37
Bjørn Hjelle (3 posts)

The book says (page 44) that you should reach the application on address “http://localhost:4567” but that does not work for me, using the VirtualHost definition on page 42.

But if I edit /etc/hosts as described in my post I can reach the app at “http://massiveapp:4567”. So apache has the mod_rails libraries installed and working.

I just wanted to mention that I had to do these extra steps to make the example in the book work. With the VirtualHost definition in the book I think they are necessary (I may be wrong), and perhaps the book should mention that.

Thanks, Bjørn

25 Jul 2012, 13:59
Mark Maglana (9 posts)

In my case, I just edited the file at massiveapp_ops/modules/apache2/files/massiveapp.conf such that ServerName is set to localhost instead of massiveapp.

After doing that then re-applying the puppet manifests, I can access MassiveApp via http://localhost:4567 from my host.

18 Nov 2013, 12:55
Gallagher Polyn (6 posts)

Like Bjorn I see only the default Apache page after my code deploy step in section 4.4.

I confirm that Mark’s solution worked for me, too.