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06 Feb 2013, 13:33
lionel LONKAP (2 posts)

Hi, I’m on the chaper 4 of the book (Capistrano) and in the part where after executing ~~~ cap deploy:setup ~~~ I should have des directory tree:

- /releases
      - /shared
        |- /log
        |- /system
        |- /pids

</code> But nothing happen :’( . I have the config/deploy.rb file configurate as the book recommend.

Thanks in advance

15 Apr 2013, 11:50
Jooin Kim (17 posts)

I believe there has been some typos. I might want to try the example codes instead of yours. mine just worked fine as described in the book.

21 Apr 2013, 22:29
lionel LONKAP (2 posts)

Ok thanks I will try again ;-)