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12 Mar 2012, 03:00
Larry Cai (8 posts)

In version b6_0, p121

The next two steps of our scenario, both of the form “I successfully run ‘some command,’” are defined by Aruba,

And it is not clearly how it works to beginner, I searched inside the book, can’t find the clue.

Later I noticed, it seems it should be added in one line in support/env.rb

require 'aruba/cucumber'

Since the aruba’s official documentation is not good enough (I checked the source codes to understand), it will be very nice you can add more sentence to describe how it works and several patterns

12 Mar 2012, 14:40
Larry Cai (8 posts)

And also I create the env.rb to let aruba works both for windows platform and unix platform, see gist

inspired from—cucumber-goodness-for-the-command-line/

14 Mar 2012, 17:48
David Copeland (491 posts)

I was trying not to get TOO much into how cucumber works, and I’m not sure what you found hard to follow; was it that it wasn’t clear how those steps were provided by Aruba?

15 Mar 2012, 05:03
Larry Cai (8 posts)

Yes, I understand the balance is quite difficult.

In latest p1 release

Page 126 @env.rb@ @require ‘aruba/cucumber’@ is not stated, which cause the example doesn’t work

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