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30 Jan 2013, 16:08
Leonel Santos (11 posts)

I’m on page 31. I try to run todo TAB but it’s not working. I already created an .bashrc file on ~ and closed and opened a new terminal window.

Since my app doesn’t work by simply running bin/todo I have to do it by running bundle exec bin/todo TAB

The first time I hit TAB I get nothing, the second time I hit TAB I get a list of files, including hidden files, similar to running ls -a

Why is it not working? I’m following the examples to the letter and have checked, and double checked and triple checked that I have the code right.

Note I still have to use bundle exec.

I’m using Mountain Lion.

30 Jan 2013, 22:34
David Copeland (512 posts)

I can think of two reasons: one is that the completion code isn’t being loaded properly. To see, run the command @complete@ in a fresh bash shell. If you see your app in the output, that means it is setup. If you don’t see it, you’ll need to examine your bash setup to make sure your @.bashrc@ is loaded or place the completion code in another bash startup file.

Second possibility is that the completion doesn’t work with bundle exec. Since the completion feature is geared toward users who’ve installed your app, as opposed to a feature for development, I hadn’t really thought of this. You can get around it by using one of the two techniques for avoiding bundler in the other post in the forum.

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