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04 Feb 2013, 16:34
Leonel Santos (11 posts)

I’m in page 54 and part of it reads “As you’ll recall, db_backup.rb uses Ruby’s built-in system method to run mysqldump” and then it has an example like this:

auth = “” auth += “-u#{options[:user]} “ if options[:user] […]

I have gone back in the book to look where I missed that part but can’t find it. Is it a typo or am I missing something? “As you’ll recall” from where? It probably shouldn’t say “As you’ll recall”

08 Feb 2013, 19:27
David Copeland (512 posts)

Likely an earlier version of the script used system instead of the backticks, but hopefully it shouldn’t matter as the usage of system is shown in the code snippet and then explained in the text that follows…

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