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11 Dec 2011, 06:13
Tanner Watson (6 posts)

Since I no experience with Postgres and had trouble figuring this out myself here are the commands that you need to execute against the book database to install all of the required modules.

psql book -c "CREATE EXTENSION tablefunc" ` psql book -c “CREATE EXTENSION dict_xsync” ` ` psql book -c “CREATE EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch” ` ` psql book -c “CREATE EXTENSION pg_trgm” ` ` psql book -c “CREATE EXTENSION cube” `

19 Dec 2011, 20:01
David Parry (8 posts)

Thanks! Saved me from lots of fruitless searching.

21 Jun 2012, 21:25
Marek Takac (1 post)

Thanks! But i think you have a typo in the second. Shouldn’t it be dict_xsyn?

04 Jan 2014, 03:48
Daren Scot Wilson (3 posts)

I did not discover this until after finishing the PostgreSQL chapter. It took me several Google searches and visits to StackOverflow for each thing that didn’t work the first time. I urge the authors to either include this command in the next printing of the book, or add a paragraph or so about the importance of doing “CREATE EXTENSION” several times to make desired features useable.

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