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21 Feb 2012, 02:18
Eric Paschoalick Chaves (1 post)

Hi Guys,

I just got the beta version of your book in order to start playing with neo4j and it seems that Gremlin 1.4 and up no longer support the test filter shortcut mentioned in the book. I can’t point the page number because I’m reading it on Kindle but the paragraph reads:

“Testing for property equality is such a common filter, Gremelin provides a shortcut syntax [[..]], which accepts a key/value map to filter by. gremlin> g.V[[name: ‘riesling’]] ==> v[2] “

When we try this we actually got a ‘no signature of method’ exception. The drop of this sortcut was confirmed in



27 Feb 2012, 10:01
Peter Neubauer (1 post)

Yes, this is now done via Index lookups, or filtering like in here:—find-user-roles-in-groups

g.V.filter{ == 'riesling'}
23 Mar 2012, 00:02
Eric Redmond (21 posts)

Based on the very big changes in Gremlin and Neo4j over the past couple months, I’ve rewritten the chapter to comply with Gremlin 1.5 and Neo4j 1.7M1…

Thanks guys for pointing out these new changes.

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