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31 Oct 2012, 22:46
Ronald Kevin Burton (1 post)

I have a Ubuntu installation of Linux and I am not sure how to go about the installation process for any of the databases. In the first chapter I type ‘psql’ and I am met with an error that role “kevin” does not exist, so I cannot proceed. Also the additional utilities need to be installed. This is the first chapter. Then in chapter 7 I have no idea how to install neo4j. I have a Ubuntu Server so there is no GUI and no browser to browse to the file even if it was specified. It indicates that Enterprise edition was used but on Neo4J’s website it looks like only Community edition is available to download.

05 Nov 2012, 16:11
Matthew Wilcox (3 posts)

Hi Ronald,

I can’t help you with the other databases, but you can follow this for installing PostGres (I wish I’d seen that before I installed mine - took me half a day!)

30 Sep 2013, 07:04
haley01 wv (1 post)

Hello…I suggest you to go through online tutorial and website for the best result. Nice post.

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