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12 Jun 2013, 04:43
Lucas Christian (1 post)

I’ve been having difficulties downloading the freebase TSV dumps used in the Neo4j and Redis chapters. now redirects to Google, who offers a 14GB download of the entire Freebase dataset in RDF format. I have no idea how to work with this file.

Any help is welcome. Thanks!

30 Jun 2014, 02:51
W B McCarty (1 post)

A poster on StackOverflow suggests that the (huge, 22GB) RDFs can be zgrepped. I haven’t gotten that far myself.

I snagged an old dump from October, 2012, weighing in just short of 54 MB. I suppose it will be adequate to replicate the book’s exercises.

That file doesn’t include performance.tsv, needed for the polyglot chapter. But I found two relevant GitHub repos. They’re designed for use with Vagrant and VirtualBox. But they can be downloaded as Zip files. The .tsv files can then be located and stripped out. (Or, Vagrant can be installed and the chapter databases can be set up automagically.) See codingbynumbers, the more complete of the two, and paulspencerwillams.

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